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Established in 1937 by Paul Hoeckele Sr. and Joseph Hoeckele, Hoeckele Bakery has been a cherished institution in Perryville, Missouri. Starting with a humble location at 4 N. Jackson St., we began by offering a delectable assortment of donuts, pastries, bread, coffee cakes, and cookies.

Our Bakery Evolved & Flourished.

Paul Hoeckele Jr. joined the family business after the passing of Joseph Hoeckele, and we expanded our offerings to include a variety of cakes, including beautiful wedding cakes. Paul Jr.'s wife, Donna Buchheit, became our skilled head cake decorator.

Generations Of Love

The Hoeckele family's passion for baking has remained strong. Our five children have all contributed to the bakery's success, carrying forward our commitment to quality and tradition. In 1999, Paul Jr. and Donna retired, passing the torch to their sons Paul III and Joseph, along with their wives Angela and Yvette.

80 Years Of Baking Tradition & Counting!

At Hoeckele Bakery, we take pride in crafting delicious treats that bring joy to our customers' lives. Join us as we celebrate our rich history and look forward to many more years of serving you with our irresistible baked goods.

Interesting Facts

We make anywhere from 250-550 dozen donuts daily along with Danish dough, bread dough, and sweet dough. We use on average:

120-150 lbs of fresh yeast per week
2500 lbs of flour per week
1500 lbs of sugar per week
1000 lbs of shortening per week
800 lbs of icing per week

Joe & Yvette Hoeckele


Joe is also a head baker who specializes in our mouth-watering donuts and pastries.

Yvette is a head decorator who specializes in our bright and beautiful cookies

Paul III & Angela Hoeckele


Paul is the head baker responsible for the manufacturing and making of all of our wonderful products.

Angela is a head decorator who is in charge of the cake department. She has been decorating for over 32 years now and specializes in wedding cakes.